We strive to take the time and care to be quick and accurate with our waxing to make it as pain-free as it can be.
Our wax is suitable for ALL skin types, even the most sensitive.

Pricelist - Women
Eyebrows from £12.00
Upper lips / chin from £7.00
Upper lips + chin from £10.00
Neck from £8.00
Full face from £35.00


theading small

This method of hair removal is an ancient Indian technique that involves a therapist using a cotton thread that can loop around individual hairs and remove them quickly and precisely from the follicle.

The benefits of threading, over other hair removal techniques, is that it’s faster than plucking, can grab even the shortest hairs, and allows the therapist to create a natural, clean finish.

Those with sensitive skin often struggle with hair removal due to chemical reactions and skin damage. Waxing, depilatory creams, and even tweezing can leave skin red, raw, and inflamed. With threading, there is little contact with the skin so there is no skin damage. It’s an ideal alternative to waxing for those on prescription acne medications as skin is thinner and more prone to sensitivity in those areas.

Eyebrows £10
Upper lips £7
Chin £7
Upper lip + chin £10
Neck £8
Full face £30


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